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It’s a great honor to introduce the founder of Kstachio. A man born in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Not to mention, he served in the army for 13 years. Here is Kashii Burnett (on the left)

Kashii created Kstachio clothing for all people of all races and ages. No matter who you are everyone loves a good mustache and after dawning the classic handle bar mustsche myself in 2018 after retiring from the army. I wanted to keep the stache alive all over the world! I have created many versions of the Kstachio logo to help embrace and make anyone and everyone love wearing the Kstachio clothing!

Alot of times people are afraid to go out on the limb and be diiferent. KSTACHIO is about being true to you all the time no matter what people say or feel. When you dawn the Kstachio logo you are apart of a family for life!

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